Costa Croisières est à ce jour la plus importante compagnie européenne. Avec Costa Croisières, vous profitez d’une croisière à l’ambiance italienne : décoration,gastronomie, accueil et même le style vestimentaire !Tout est fait pour que vous passiez des vacances inoubliables : des cabines confortables, des centres de fitness et de bien-être, des bars et restaurants... Les animations s’adressent aux grands comme aux petits, et chaque jour, vous pouvez vous détendre comme bon vous semble : en compagnie d’autres passagers, seul ou en famille. Costa Croisières offre à toute la famille une croisière de rêve !


To help ensure that you enjoy a dream holiday, we ask that at the time of booking you provide us, or your travel agent, with any information regarding special needs. If you let us know in advance we’ll be sure that you are catered for from the moment of embarkation.

Those with wheelchairs are required to bring their own with them and must travel with a companion. There are a limited number of wheelchairs on board the ships that are for use in emergency situations.

On all of our ships, with the exception of Costa Marina, we have guaranteed the following services:

  • Comfortable cabins with disabled access
  • Privileged boarding and disembarkation
  • edicated emergency lift
  • Customer Service for on-board information

Hearing impaired. It is recommended that any guests with hearing difficulties be accompanied by a carer. Costa staff will assist with any guest problems or emergencies. Our ships cabins are equipped with visual alarms.

Pregnancy. Women up to their 24 th week of pregnancy may travel by air provided a Doctor’s Certificate is made available. Passengers are not permitted to travel if they have entered the 25 th week of their pregnancy or as a result of childbirth. Please note that the ship’s medical facilities are limited for treating pregnant women and newborn infants.

Dialysis. Costa ships will only cater for peritoneal dialysis, which the guest must supply and operate in their cabin. Costa will manage the shipment of the dialysis equipment.

Oxygen. Oxygen is permitted for personal use as long as the guests provide their own cylinder and pay for any costs incurred. Guests must inform the travel agency about the type of oxygen and cylinder type that they intend to bring on board. It is also important to communicate safety limits.

Politique d'âge

21 ans

Voyager avec des enfants

Today families are realizing the ease and enjoyment of cruising with Costa, which offers the perfect setting for a reunion. Onboard there are menus, activities and a variety of entertainment designed to suit every family member from kids to grandparents. From Italian language classes to cooking classes to duty free boutiques and “a la carte” body treatments, plus our youngest guests and their parents are invited to participate in our Costa Kids Program. Indeed, some of the best things do come in small packages – and that’s certainly the case with our Costa Kids Program. From pizza parties and pirate treasure hunts to face painting, masquerades, and even Italian language lessons, supervized activities like these are all in a day’s play for kids lucky enough to cruise with Costa. And that means you and your family can enjoy all the fun of Cruising Italian Style. Morning, afternoon and evening events are scheduled to entertain children from 3 (out of diapers) to 17. Whether it’s an ice cream social or a karaoke contest, Costa knows how to keep kids busy...and we aren’t kidding!

From morning to night our entertainment staff are here to entertain children and teens, giving you the time to relax and enjoy the whole cruise and, if you like, while on excursions. For all children between the ages of 3 to 17, Costa Cruises entertainment staff are available every day from 9:00 am to midday, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm. This is a free group service. There are four Clubs: 2 for children: Mini from 3 to 6 years, Maxi from 7 to 11, 2 for teenagers: Teen Junior from 12 to 14, Teen from 15 to 17. Teen Junior is only active during certain periods. Children under the age of 3 are allowed to enter and stay in the room only during certain times (not during busy times in high season) and must be accompanied by an adult.

THEMED DINNERS PER CRUISE JUST FOR KIDS with a menu designed by our chef for our younger guests. The children's program is called Fun@sea and is handed out to all children upon boarding by a member of our entertainment staff. The program shows the exact times of the different daytime and evening activities.

TeenZone activities for teens and junior teens
(varying from ship to ship and high or low season)

Games room
Younger guests can have hours of fun in a pirate ship or giant lego brick room, with a vast assortment of video games.

Shore Excursions
While Costa does not offer shore excursions specifically for children, there are, a number of shore excursion activities well suited to them at special rates.

Family Fun
Kids and their parents can get together and participate in fun activities like karaoke, bingo and even a talent show. These activities are a great opportunity for parents and kids to spend time together and have loads of fun while they’re at it! 

Children will love the special Kids Menu that is served at every meal for it contains all of the foods that kids like best! Spaghetti, Pizza, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Grilled Cheese, Ice Cream and more - there is always something to please even the most finicky eaters! Plus, Costa offers a Boys & Girls beverage card for 10 non-alcoholic drinks – so kids can have fruit juices and carbonated drinks at any time during their cruise!

Costa gives parents traveling with children some time off by organizing two events where kids spend the evening with other guests their age at a fun themed dinner (Squok, Pirates, Circus, Video games world, Halloween, WWF in the Jungle or Underwater) and fun activities designed especially for them. While the kids are being entertained, parents can relax as they enjoy sumptuous cuisine and a romantic evening together, feeling secure that their children are having fun while being supervised by our dedicated Youth Counselors. With this program, parents and children will both be pleased with the variety of shipboard activities and the warmth of Italian Style cruising.

While cruising is a vacation for the whole family, Costa also provides quiet time for Mom and Dad. That can be during the day, while the kids are entertained in the Kids Club program, or at night, while the kids are with group baby-sitters. Mini and Maxi Club nighttime group baby-sitting, held in the children’s area, is a free of charge baby-sitting service until 1:30 am.
There is no night time baby-sitting service available for children under 36 months of age.