Ama Waterways

Ama Waterways

Primé AmaWaterways continue à mener l'industrie des croisières fluviales avec une flotte de navires spécialement conçus en Europe, en Afrique, en Asie et en Russie. Avec des conceptions innovatrices de navires, des cabines spacieuses et élégantes, équipements premium, gastronomie d'exception et un service impeccable, AmaWaterways établit de nouveaux standards dans la rivière de croisière chaque année.

Quatre nouveaux navires  vont bientôt rejoindre notre flotte européenne phare – AmaSonata et AmaReina en 2014 et AmaVista et AmaSerena en 2015. Des navires jumeaux à AmaPrima et AmaCerto, ces navires technologiquement avancés mettront en vedette des cabines avec balcon, des cabines d’ occupation double et des suites, un choix de restaurants, une piscine chauffée avec bar-piscine, un superbe ascenceur en  verre , une flotte de bicyclettes  à bord  et beaucoup plus.

Nos nouveaux itinéraires pour 2014 feront leur  débuts au Myanmar (Birmanie) en novembre, 10 nuits Golden Treasures  du Myanmar et 14 nuits Merveilles Cachées du Myanmar. Les clients de AmaWaterways connaîtront ces voyages exotiques et fascinants à bord de l'AmaPura, un navire de luxe récemment construit qui transporte  56 passagers.

Que ce soit sur les voies d'eau légendaires de l'Europe et la Russie, le Mékong au Vietnam et au Cambodge, l'Ayeyarwady, au Myanmar, ou sur la rivière Chobe en Afrique australe, les passagers feront le voyage d'une vie à bord d'une croisière fluviale d’ AmaWaterways


Pays baltes/Russie

Mer Noire

Europe (occidentale)

L'Asie du sud-est

Méditerranée W.






Disabled Participants: If you (participant) have a disability and reasonable accommodation may enable you to use the services, please let us know how you believe we can help. Participant must inform us in writing, at or immediately after making the reservation, but in any event as early as possible, of any mobility impairment or other condition, whether physical, emotional or mental, which may require accommodation or use of an assistive device during the travel. If the impairment or condition first arises after making the reservation, participant must inform us in writing as early as possible. We may consider, and may confer with participant, the cruise operator, airlines, hotels and other service providers regarding possible accommodations. A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate special needs, but we are not responsible for denial of service by carriers, hotels, or other independent suppliers. A participant, who, due to impairment, is not self-sufficient, may be required to travel with a companion who shall take responsibility for assistance needed during the travel and in case of emergency. An individual with a disability that would result in a direct threat to the health and safety of others or to that individual may be excluded, if it is determined there is a significant risk that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodations, policies, practices, procedures assistive devices or services. If participant fails to timely inform us of any impairment or condition, and it is determined based on information that participant should have provided, that participation poses a safety risk to participant or direct health or safety threat to others, participant may be excluded from parts or all of the travel. We shall have no liability to participant relating to any condition, treatment, failure to inform us of an impairment, or resulting exclusion.

Pregnancy: For the safety of parent and child, and depending on various circumstances, passengers who are at an advanced stage of pregnancy (after 5 months) may be subject to restrictions or exclusion concerning their ability to travel and/or board a ship. Please inform us immediately, so we can assess your personal circumstances and possible accommodation.

Medical: Medical doctors are not available on any vessel outside Russia. Availability of medical doctors on vessels in Russia is not assured. If other medical services are required, efforts to contact local medical providers will be made. A participant requiring such assistance is solely responsible for all related charges. We will not be responsible or liable for sufficiency of effort to reach medical providers, unavailability, delay, quality or other aspect of any such services. Participant is encouraged at time of booking and well before departure, to review participant’s health and medical conditions and insurance and consult participant’s health care and insurance providers regarding needs and scope of coverage for any incident or need occurring during travel, and to obtain supplemental health and medical insurance for the travel.

Politique d'âge

Children under 4 are not allowed onboard the ship. Children 4 – 17 must be in a cabin with an adult. If the child is part of a double occupancy, full adult rate is charged. Children under 11 may share a stateroom with 2 adults, if approved. The under-11 child rate is 25% of the lowest stateroom category. Children 11 – 17 may share only a junior suite or higher. The 11-17 child rate is 25% of the lowest cabin category price. Port charges apply for children regardless of age. Hotel terms for children vary. Please call for details.