The AmaVista – set to debut in 2015 – is a sister ship to the AmaCerto and features the most advanced design of any river cruise vessel currently in operation. Our exclusive Twin Balconies are available in most staterooms, which measure a spacious 210-235 sq. feet, with four suites measuring 300 sq. feet. Passengers will enjoy gourmet dining with free-flowing fine wines at multiple onboard dining venues; a heated sun deck swimming pool with a ‘swim-up’ bar; fitness center and spa; complimentary ship-wide Wi-Fi and in-room Internet and Infotainment; and a fleet of bicycles carried onboard for passengers to enjoy on their own or on guided bike tours.


Date de lancement :
Date de rénovation :
Nombre de passagers :
Membres d'équipages :
Vitesse : noeuds
Longueur : 135.0264m
Largeur : 11.5824m
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Tirant deau : 14.9352m